There’s Been A Murder

One of my 50 Fabulous Things

March 2016

Murder Mystery Evening – THE DEADLY SOUNDS OF THE 80’S

Earlier on in the year we purchased tickets for a Murder Mystery evening at Langstone Harbour Hotel. I had attended two types of murder mystery evening prior. One was in a village hall with an amateur dramatics company hosting the event. The guest were encouraged to dress up and be part of the set……we were in a French bistro, the second time was at a friends where we played an interactive board game combined with a DVD to solve who the murderer was. We were given an identity and costume ideas prior to the evening and then played along. All good fun.

Lee had no idea what to expect, and I hadn’t attended this type of evening before. We were sat on a table with 10 other people, some of which were staying at the hotel, and others staying locally with friends. All very sociable. Only one other lady had attended an event similar, so the rest of  us were “virgins”.

We were given a clue at the start of the evening, along with a synopsis of what was in store. The scene was set in a secondary school in the 80’s with a range of teachers and students. The idea was, as the evening progressed was to work out who the murderer was. Wasn’t very long at the start of the evening when the first murder took place! Clues were in some of the actors dialogue as well as in some of the 80’s songs they were playing and singing along too. Our table discussed our thoughts over who we thought it might be, combined with the evidence that we were noting down as the evening progressed. ironically we actually had two policemen on our table, one active duty and one who was retired. I  was sat by one of their wives, Mary. She was the lady that had attended an event like this before.

Between sketches our evening meal was served. During this time the actors came to our tables where we were allowed to ask questions to help solve who the murderer was.

murder mystery dinner

Several murders happened through out the evening, with more clues given. Finally I had sussed out who I thought it was and discussed with the others on why I thought so. We were all in agreement, then the suspect was also murdered and it was questioned as to whether it was one of the other characters. I stuck with my guns and said, no it was definitely the character I had first thought. I believed his death was an accident.

At the end of the evening we had to fill out a questionnaire stating who we thought the suspect was, who was murdered and why along with which songs gave us clues and any other evidence we had established from clues.

We were right, turned out the murderer had accidentally eaten his own poison.

A very enjoyable evening with some great people on our table.


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